Introductory Talk on Veganism at Vegans @ Conwy Feast, Oct 28, 2012

This is a talk I did recently in Conwy, North Wales, at "Vegans @ Conwy Feast." I presented two basic introductory talks on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October, 2012.

The audiences were largely non-vegan in composition - in fact, many people had come in off the street to sample vegan foods for the very first time in their lives.

I kept the talk brief and (mainly) to the point, outlining the origins of the British Vegan Society, how some definitional changes had occurred over time, the differences between ethical, health, environmental, and "human rights" vegans, the establishment of veganism as the moral baseline in some parts of the animal advocacy community, and recent issues like further definitional controversies, and the "vegetarianism as gateway" argument.

I would like to thanks the following people who made this event happen.

Kirsch Bowker
Paul Stone
Tim Vincent
Alan Trevelyan
Nes Bowker
Jane V Geis
Dafydd Hughes
Emma Thomas
Roger Hughes
Alexander Leigh
Cathy Hart
Adele Trigg
Paul Hunt
Roger Mills
Karl Garside


The Snowdonia String Quartet
Workshop with Laura Coxeter
Live Band - Lonely Joe Parker
Live Band - The Joe Webb Trio (jazz)
Poet - Dominic Berry
Talk - Badgers with Joe Blakesley
Music - Flashing Astraptes

[Please scroll down if you want to view the power point slides used].

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  1. From the camera angle, it is hard to tell if people are actually following what you say Roger. Seems to me that most people are interested in the food. lol. From your presentation, i now get where Victorian Moran derives her idea that "honey" can be ok. She obviously approves of the more recent definition of Veganism from the 80s. I am of the opinion that the original definition from Donald Watson was the correct one and i don't see any reason to deviate from it. It is yet another attempt to water down an important philosophy, way of life and moral values. Honey is a product of exploitation, whether she gets it "humanely" or not.