Talk and Q&A following showing of "Behind The Mask"

I was recently invited to give an address on animal rights and direct action at an event in Sligo, Ireland (November 3rd 2012) where the film Behind The Mask was the main feature.

I spoke briefly, in the context of an "activist past" and academic present, about a few relevant points, such as the gender balance in the movement (see THIS book on that), the use of arson, and the raw data that was edited into the film Unnecessary Fuss.

Before my talk, animal rights activist Tina Cubberley spoke about her rights-based position (which is straight-edge veganism) and she recited three of her "Anti-Speciesist Action" poems. [Please scroll down for those.]

[The sound on some parts of the Q&A is low - but I think most is audible.]

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